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Man Who is New in Noise Reduction Finally Found His Favorite Sound Barrier Material

Our 4 layer noise barrie fence is made up of 5 different materials. That is pvc acoustic membrane, sound insluation felt, sound absorption wool, fiberglass fabric and eyelets. The sound insulation felt is the core sound barrier material, which made of composite material including mass loaded vinyl. Usually heavy things(high density) are good at sound insulation. This sound insulation felt is the most heavy layer among the five raw materials, thus the acoustic performance is largely improved when 3 layer becomes 4 layer.

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Each of the 5 acoustic sound barrier material has it's unique funtion. The fiberglass fabric, as the back layer, allows sound to go inside, so it' must be porus and waterproof. The sound barrier foam/wool absorbs the noise went inside. The sound insulation felt blocks the noise that went through sound absorption wool and reflect it back to sound aborbing wool and get absorbed. The pvc material, as the front layer, blocks the noise that went throught sound insulation felt and reflect it back. Both back layer and front layer protect all the inside materials from water and fire.

Each noise barrier material is selected from it's kind to make sure our noise barrier block the most possible nosie, be suitable for outdoor environment, and more.

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*U.S. ASTM F963-11: Pass

*EN 71-3: 2013: Pass

*ISO140-3: 1995

*ISO 9001: 2008



*2008 China Building Materials Enterprises Top 100 Evaluation Campaign Recommended "Leading Brand

*2009 China Building Materials "Most Trusted Brand"

*2010 Shanghai World Expo Business Card "Recommended Enterprise"

*Council Member of Guangdong Decoration Materials Association



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*201603 Got 300,000 USD order from a construction company in South Asia

*201507 ODM for a Europe company with 12,000m2 in 2015

*201402 Supplying for a bridge project with 5,000m2 in Hong Kong

*201301 First version of noise barrier was developed

*201210 Start to design and develop sound barrier fence upon request